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La Chinata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from a selection of olives harvested in the region of Sierra de Gata, in the Northwest of Cáceres. There, just the best olives are selected to guarantee the production of the best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for our customers. The olives must be at their optimum degree of ripeness, clean, healthy and without any external defect.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is mainly characterized by four factors:
- An intense yellow colour with some traces of green.
- A sweet and flat flavour, without the characteristic itching or bitterness of the oils of southern Spain. In this way a very pleasant taste is obtained in the palate that makes the tasting of these Virgins a real pleasure.
- A very dense aroma of ripe fruit.
- A very high content of fatty acids, which turn these Virgins into one of the most perfect of all those obtained in the different olive-growing areas of Spain.

The region of La Sierra de Gata is known for its olives, mostly intended for direct consumption as table olives, known throughout the Spanish geography as "Manzanilla Cacereña". They are very similar in texture and flavour, which leaves a pleasant aroma on the palate. And part of that aroma can be seen in our EVOO, since the smallest olives cannot be used for direct consumption but they are used for EVOO. This is the reason why the Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Chinata inherits its best-known characteristics and virtues.

This EVOO has a very comfortable design with a spray bottle, ideal for dosing the amount used. It is recommended to accompany with Sherry Vinegar PDO Spray, which has the same container and format, a perfect cruet stand, due to its presentation and its high quality, to use at home every day or to transport easily in outdoor lunches.

Content: 50 ml.
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