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  • Shaving Cream
    Our Natural Edition Shaving Cream from La Chinata is a perfect lotion if you want to protect your beard, beacuse it guarantees an optimal glide of the razor blade, helping to reduce irritations and the feeling of tightness. It leaves the skin soft and silky, thanks to its content in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Thermal Waters and Olive Leaf Extract. On the one hand, Organic EVOO offers in-depth moisturisation and repair the skin barrier function, nourishing and acting as an antioxidant against aging. In the same way, olive leaf extract has purifying and anti-inflammatory effects. For using it correctly, firstly, you should moisten your face and then, apply the shaving cream on your face with a brush. This product will provide you a soft, smooth and easy shaving. For a complete treatment and to obtain the best results, we recommend to apply after this product our After Shave Balm Content: 150 ml.
    (Contenido: 150 ml | €2.40/ 100 ml)
  • After Shave Balm
    La Chinata After Shave Balm is the perfect solution to complete shaving and leave skin soft, moisturized and free from irritation. Its formula, based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, thermal waters and olive extract, brings softnes and immediate relief. Thanks to its composition of natural ingredients, calms the possible irritations caused by razor blade and instantly leaves a refreshing and light feeling. Regarding to its composition, Extra Virgin Olive Oil acts as a natural moisturizer, antioxidant and anti-aging. And olive leaf extract has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. At the same time, thermal waters have a calming and softening action; so, it’s ideal for sensitive skins or with rednesses. It also contains Vitamin E that prevents free radicals formation and slow down the aging, as well as pro-vitamin B5, which moisturizes the deeper layers of skin and acts as anti-inflammatory and healing, regenerating stressed skin; that’s why it’s highly recommended for sensitive skins. For correct application, softly extend the balm after shaving on face and neck and massage until full absorption. The results will be a softer skin without irritations and with a healthier look. Content: 250 ml.
    (Contenido: 250 ml | €1.96/ 100 ml)
  • Energizing Facezone Gel
    La Chinata Energizing Facezone Gel Natural Edition is part of our cosmetic line for men. It’s formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, thermal waters and olive extract; that moisturize, soften and revitalize skin at any time of the day. Its effect is immediate and brings freshness and smoothness to skin, with or without beard. Its composition includes organic silicon, with plenty of properties to prevent and repair signs of ageing as activates collagen action. It also acts as firming and improves skin elasticity. In addition, includes a complex of salts and vitamins that moisturizes and improves cell regeneration. In the same way, olive extract, with antioxidant properties, adds an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant action. Content: 50 ml.
    (Contenido: 50 ml | €13.80/ 100 ml)
  • Energizing Shampoo Natural Edition
    La Chinata Energizing Shampoo Natural Edition is part of our line of men's cosmetics and is formulated based on hot springs, extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract. In addition, it has natural extracts of sugar cane, apple, lemon and tea, which repair the hair in depth stimulating the production of collagen, which provides effective hair care, more resistant hair and a decrease in hair loss. Likewise, thanks to its content in pro-vitamin B5, it retains the moisture of the hair, avoiding the dryness and fragility of the hair, at the same time strengthens and improves its brightness. It is a product of daily use that must be applied during the shower or the bath on wet hair and with gentle massages. Then rinse with plenty of water and repeat the action if necessary. Content: 250 ml.
    (Contenido: 250 ml | €1.96/ 100 ml)