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  • Energizing Shampoo Natural Edition
    La Chinata Energizing Shampoo Natural Edition is part of our line of men's cosmetics and is formulated based on hot springs, extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract. In addition, it has natural extracts of sugar cane, apple, lemon and tea, which repair the hair in depth stimulating the production of collagen, which provides effective hair care, more resistant hair and a decrease in hair loss. Likewise, thanks to its content in pro-vitamin B5, it retains the moisture of the hair, avoiding the dryness and fragility of the hair, at the same time strengthens and improves its brightness. It is a product of daily use that must be applied during the shower or the bath on wet hair and with gentle massages. Then rinse with plenty of water and repeat the action if necessary. Content: 250 ml.
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