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  • Antioxidant Grape and Rosemary Handcrafted Soap
    La Chinata Antioxidant Grape and Rosemary Handcraafted Soap is perfect to reduce signs of ageing and skin cellular oxidation, as well as eliminate free radicals. This handcrafted soap is elaborated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil that moisturizes and nourishes skin; and a vegetable extract complex that contains, among others, Asian centella and horsetail, responsible for stimulate collagen action and exert a great antioxidant, anti-ageing and photo-protector power. Similarly, grape seed extract, with great properties, has an antioxidant action that helps regenerate the epidermis, stimulates circulation and it’s a great anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant. In the same way, Rosemary contained in its formula decongests and reaffirms skin, leaving a more youthful appearance. It is recommended to apply daily or several times a week on wet skin. Next, rinse with plenty of water until remove the remains of the product. Content: 100 gr.
    (Contenido: 100 g | €3.90/ 100 g)
  • Scrub Sponge with Olive Pits
    La Chinata Scrub Sponge with Olive Pits is the perfect complement to eliminate dead skin cells that blocks pores, you get your skin breathes better. To that end is necessary to rub, although on some occasions, sponges don’t rub enough or, on the contrary, irritate skin. That’s why La Chinata Scrub Sponge contains grinded olive pits that remove impurities without scratching skin, leaving a clean, renewed and soft look free from excess sebum. It also improves blood circulation and easies absorption of further processing. Apply with gentle circular movements on skin, insisting on rough areas as elbows, knees and heels. Then, we recommend apply La Chinata Body Milk Natural Edition to obtain a greater softness and extend wellness feeling. Use it from two to three times a week.
    (Contenido: 50 g | €13.00/ 100 g)
  • Antioxidant Bath Salts
    La Chinata Antiodixant bath salts content olive leaf extract, attaching invigorating and antioxidant properties. Besides that, its combination of white flowers extracts (such as roses, jasmine and daisies) has a softener effect upon the skin, giving it a velvety appearance. La Chinata bath salts is the perfect product to enjoy an invigorating, relaxing and therapeutic bath. Besides, it releases a pleasant scent. It is recommended to fill up the bath first and to add two or three pinches of salt afterwards. To improve the experience, light one or two La Chinata candles up in the bathroom, as they release a pleasant scent and contribute with a tenuous light for a moment of peaceful atmosphere. ¡It will turn into a weekly essential routine! Content: 300 gr.
    (Contenido: 300 g | €1.97/ 100 g)
  • Hand Soap Refill Natural Edition
    La Chinata Hand Soap Refill Natural Edition is part of our La Chinata Hand Care Pack and is made with Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With this, we try to protect the skin during its washing with a formula that purifies, softens and acts as an antioxidant and purifier. And, at the same time, adding hand lotion to the daily hygiene gesture, we try to incorporate our hydration routine into our cleaning routine, since external factors such as sun, wind and humidity, among others, spoil and irritate our skin. Therefore, with this set we get hands very protected from external factors, as well as clean, fresh and silky. La Chinata Hand Soap Natural Edition is designed for all types of skins. It is formulated with a high percentage of natural extracts soft and light that give the skin softness and lightness. And it contains glycerine, aloe vera, olive extracts, white tea, jasmine, quillaya, bergamot and hot springs, which add healing qualities, anti-irritants, purifiers, antimicrobials, anti-aging and antioxidants. Content: 500 ml.
    (Contenido: 500 ml | €0.68/ 100 ml)
  • Moisurizing Hand Lotion Refill Natural Edition
    La Chinata Hand Lotion Refill Natural Edition is part of Hand Care Pack and is made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With this, we try to add hydration to the routine of washing our hands, because external factors such as wind, sun, humidity ... even the use of detergents or other products, greatly irritate the skin of the hands and it is important to incorporate our hydration routine into our cleaning routine. With this set, the results will be clean, fresh and silky hands. La Chinata Hand Lotion Refill Natural Edition it has a formula based on thermal springs, Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olive leaf extract, as well as a floral complex obtained from common rose, white jasmine and daisy, which leave the skin moisturized, smooth and soft. Likewise, it also has glycerine, which offers moisturizing properties, and keratin, which strengthens the nails. Content: 500 ml.
    (Contenido: 500 ml | €0.78/ 100 ml)
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