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  • 4 Handcrafted Soaps Pack
    La Chinata 4 Handcrafted Soaps Pack has a selection of our great variety of handcrafted soaps, with a smaller size to be able to transport easily. In this pack you will find a combination of soaps with several properties that adapt to the different needs of our skin. On the one hand, it has Tonifying Grapefruit and Lemon Soap (orange colour) to repair, soften and tone the skin, giving back its elasticity. Also included is La Chinata Sage and Lemongrass Soap, recommended to repair and protect the skin, which offers antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, ideal for acne skin (green colour). For its part, Antioxidant Grape and Rosemary Soap (purple), is perfect to reduce the signs of aging and cellular oxidation of the skin, as well as to eliminate free radicals. And finally, Moisturizing Honey and Shea Butter Soap (honey colour), provides an extra hydration to your skin in a natural way and protects it from external aggressions. Content: 4 x 40 grams.
    (Contenido: 160 g | €2.88/ 100 g)
  • Sage and Lemonade Soap
    La Chinata Sage and Lemonade Soap is recommended to repair, and protect the skin. It contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties thanks to its content in lemongrass and sage, leaving the skin cleaner, free of sebum, smoother and velvety. Its formula is based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which provides a deep hydration and nourishes the skin, and on extract of lemonade, which exerts an antiseptic and antimicrobial action, as well as sage. It is an ideal soap to cure acne and give a special shine to the face. It is recommended to apply daily or several times a week with wet skin. Then rinse with plenty of water until remove all traces of the product. It is recommended to add to the cleaning routine our Antiox Regenerating Facial Serum . Content: 100 grams.
    (Contenido: 100 g | €3.90/ 100 g)