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  • Face Cream SPF-25 Sensitive Skin

    La Chinata Face Cream SPF-25 sensitive skin has a high moisturizing, nourishing and repairing power, which also protects against UVB / UVA radiation thanks to its SPF 25 sun protection factor. It is specially formulated for sensitive or irritated skin, with redness or dryness, including very sensitive skins as a result of chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, thanks to its content in repairing, anti-inflammatory and soothing assets, which help the face to regain its hydration, flexibility and adequate nutrition.

    Ingredients of natural origin It is formulated with our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which repairs the barrier function of the skin. It contains other active ingredients such as milk protein, which stimulates the immune system to protect the skin and vitamin F, which minimizes problems of dryness. We also incorporate two great moisturizing assets, shea butter and aloe vera.

    Content: 50 ml.

    (Contenido: 50 ml | €29.80/ 100 ml)
  • Face & Eye Cleansing Butter
    The Face & Eye Cleansing Butter is the perfect solution to remove impurities and all traces of makeup gently and without excessive rubbing to protect the skin. It is made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil, as well as a complex of extracts that also help protect the skin from damage suffered by environmental pollution. Thus, it is a soft balm that nourishes and softens the skin while eliminating makeup quickly and cleanly. In addition, it leaves the skin ready to absorb follow-up treatments more efficiently. It is recommended to apply to dry face and gently massage on the skin. Leave on for a few seconds and then remove with a wipe or cotton cloth moistened with warm water. Content: 85g.
    (Contenido: 85 g | €8.12/ 100 g)
  • Day Revitalizing Cream SPF15
    La Chinata Day Revitalizing Cream SPF15 is a beauty product that has a high content of organic extra virgin olive oil that, besides moisturizing and smoothing, protect us against oxidative process. It contains olive leaf extract, that works as an antiseptic and antimicrobial, that prevent your skin from spots and bacterial imperfections. Moreover, minerals contained in the concentrated thermal water have a smoothing and calming effect on your skin, consequently it is ideal for caring mature, sensitive and irritated skins. Content: 75 ml.
    (Contenido: 75 ml | €25.20/ 100 ml)
  • Face zone overnight renewal cream
    The Anti-aging Facial Cream of La Chinata, in addition to moisturizing and softening, has anti-aging active ingredients that will act during the night diminishing the lines of expression of our face and delaying their appearance, thanks to the perfect combination in its formula based on minerals and oligopeptides. This product has Olive Oil, which is a great moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging agent, which protects the skin against oxidative processes. In addition to the olive extract, which adds anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant qualities and acts as antiseptic and antimicrobial. Packaging: 75 ml.
    (Contenido: 75 ml | €26.53/ 100 ml)
  • Extra Smooth Facial Scrub
    One of the big beauty secrets to gain maximum benefit from moisturizing and nutritional actives of our facial creams, is based on something as simple as having a very clean skin. To this end, La Chinata extra smooth facial scrub cleans softly but in depth, eliminating impurities and dead cells thanks to the granule obtained from olive pits. Besides olive oil, contains antioxidants that help you to clean your facial skin wihout any damages. It is ideal for sensitive and reddened skins, beacuse it is elaborated with concentrated thermal water that produces a calming and softening action. Packaging: 70 ml.
    (Contenido: 70 ml | €17.00/ 100 ml)
  • Tonifying Olive Water
    La Chinata Tonifying Olive Water is designed to clean, refresh and release toxins in all kind of skins. Facial tonic is basic in regular beauty care routine, as it is an astringent used in the process of cleaning and exfoliating skin that eliminate the excess of oil and bacteria, specially where the facial cleanser is not able to reach. However, it is important to choose the suitable, to keep ph balance in our skin, without leaving it dry or irritated. With Tonifying Olive Water, thanks to its formula based on termal waters, olive extract and tensides derived from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we clean skin gently and improve moisturizing the face thanks to its active content. Content: 250 ml.
    (Contenido: 250 ml | €1.84/ 100 ml)
  • Purifying Cleansing Milk
    La Chinata Purifying Cleansing Milk is formulated with Hot Springs, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Leaf extract, and enriched with Witch Hazel, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme and Melissa. On the one hand, Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides a deep hydration and repairs the barrier function of the skin, as well as contains anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. Similarly, olive extract is a photo protector that acts as anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, purifying and antimicrobial. Also added are the properties of the polyplant dermopurifying, a complex of plant extracts to purify, with antiseptic and deodorant characteristics. And the hot springs, with a soothing and softening action, ideal for sensitive skin or redness. Our Cleansing Milk helps to eliminate any type of makeup or dirt, leaving the skin clean and free of impurities, allowing the skin to breathe and regain its luminosity. It is indicated for normal and mixed skin. It is recommended to apply with a soft massage on the face and neck with the fingertips or with a cotton pad, and to remove it with a cotton wool or with water. For optimal results, we recommend completing the skin cleansing process with our Tonifying Olive Water. Content: 250 ml.
    (Contenido: 250 ml | €2.88/ 100 ml)
  • Antiox Regenerating Facial Serum
    La Chinata Antiox Regenerating Facial Serum has a high concentration of antioxidant actives for the skin and thanks to its texture, soft and light of fast absorption, it penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, leaving a velvety appearance. Its content in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, argan oil, resveratrol and olive extract, make this facial serum a great ally against the aging of our skin. On the one hand, the EVOO acts as a natural moisturizer that repairs the barrier function of the skin, in addition to providing antioxidant and anti-aging effects. In the same way, argan oil regenerates, restructures and conditions the skin. And resveratrol, a great antioxidant, as well as olive leaf extract, which exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant, purifying, antiseptic and antimicrobial. In addition, its combination of essential oils exerts on the skin a soothing, relaxing and refreshing action. It is recommended to apply on clean skin at any time of day, both morning and night. It is ideal to apply before any treatment, as the serum opens the pores of the skin and penetrates very deeply, nourishing the deeper layers with its large concentrate of assets and leaving the skin ready for the treatment to be more effective. Content: 30 ml.
    (Contenido: 30 ml | €35.00/ 100 ml)
  • Eye Rescue Gel
    La Chinata Eye Rescue Gel moisturizes refreshes, besides bringing a great quantitiy of anti-wrinkle actives to the delicate eye contour area. Thanks to its combination of actives, it makes the treated area releases the accumulated tension and the result is a smoother and softer skin and free from all imperfections. It has a soft, light texture and with rapid absorption. Apply to the eye contour area at any time of day, both in the morning and evening. Massage gently until fully absorbed; and once you have finished you will feel a smoothness and freshness sensation. Content: 20 ml.
    (Contenido: 20 ml | €39.50/ 100 ml)
  • Dermopurifying Eye Makeup Remover
    La Chinata Dermopurifying eye makeup remover Natural Edition elaborated with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive leaf extract and thermal waters has antioxidant, regenerating and softening properties. Thanks to its active dermopurifying ingredients, it deeply cleans the eyelids with maximum softness, respecting the delicate skin of this area. On one hand, Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings a deep moisturizing and repairs barrier function of skin, it also contains antioxidant and anti-aging properties. In the same way, olive extract is photo-protector and acts as anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, purifier and antimicrobial. In addition, the properties from thermal waters, with its calming and soften action, make this product ideal for sensitive skins or with redness. To apply it, we recommend soaking a cotton pad and covering the upper eyelid a few seconds. Next, slip the cotton pad without rubbing to remove of makeup and repeat if necessary to completely eliminate all traces. Content: 50 ml.
    (Contenido: 50 ml | €9.80/ 100 ml)
  • Revitalizing Face Mask
    La Chinata Revitalizing Face Mask is elaborated with a base on salt and trace elements-rich muds that leaves your skin soft and hydrated. Besides, it is formulated with actives that revitalize tired skin from daily routine, which allows it to have back its natural freshness. On the one hand, it is elaborated with EVOO, that acts as a natural hydrant, antioxidant and antiaging and with muds that helps cell oxygenation along with refreshing and reaffirming. On the same way, sweet almonds oil repairs the barrier function of the skin that along with the wheat germ oil, stimulates microcirculation. Content: 5x8 ml.
    (Contenido: 40 ml | €9.75/ 100 ml)
  • Moisturizing Face Mask
    La Chinata Moisturizing Face Mask is made with a base rich in salts and trace elements, which repair the skin in depth and produce a great hydration and softness, improving its appearance. On the one hand, it is made with EVOO, which acts as a natural moisturizer, antioxidant and anti-aging, and with pimps that promote cell oxygenation, refresh and reaffirm. In the same way, argan oil acts as an antioxidant and anti-aging, as well as regenerating, restructuring and conditioning the skin. Content: 5 x 8 ml.
    (Contenido: 40 ml | €9.75/ 100 ml)
  • Purifying Face Mask
    La Chinata Purifying Face Mask is made with a base of mud rich in salts and trace elements, which produce great hydration and softness in the skin. It is also formulated with purifying and anti-seborrheic actives that cleans, refreshes and decongests the skin on our face, moisturizing and leaving it smooth and free of impurities. The purifying mask is perfect for dull skins that need luminosity and intensify the weekly cleaning of the skin. This eliminates impurities and sebum segregation is controlled. Content: 5 x 8 ml.
    (Contenido: 40 ml | €9.75/ 100 ml)
  • Nourishing Face Mask
    La Chinata Nourishing Face Mask is elaborated with a base on salt and trace elements-rich muds that leaves your skin soft and hydrated. Besides, it is formulated with actives that nurture and regenerate our skin and that increase the elasticity preventing wrinkles. On one side, it is elaborated with EVOO that acts as a natural hydrant with antioxidant and antiaging effects and with muds that enhance cell oxygenation, that refresh and reaffirm skin. On the same way, sweet almonds oil repairs the barrier function of the skin, along with the wheat germ oil that stimulates microcirculation. Masks intensify a specific action and have an immediate effect. That is why is important to choose the most suitable mask to each skin need, as they adjust to specific demands. The type of mask we need might depend on climate, routines, sun exposure… Thus, we have a wide range of mask to choose from: Lifting effect, revitalizing, purifying, hydrant and nourishing. Content: 5 x 8 ml.
    (Contenido: 40 ml | €9.75/ 100 ml)
  • Lifting Effect Face Mask
    La Chinata lifting effect face mask is elaborated through a formula based on salts and trace element-rich sludge that produce high hydration and softness of the skin. Besides, it contains tensing agents that act on wrinkles. It also as Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), thermal waters concentrated and a complex made of extracts that add moisturising to the skin. On one side, EVOO acts as a natural hydrant that repairs the barrier function of the skin along with adding anti-aging and antioxidant effects. At the same time, properties from thermal waters add up with their calming and softening action, perfect for sensitive and reddened types of skin. The complex acts as firming element in areas such as the eye contour and helps blood circulation and the metabolism of our skin. Content: 5 x 8 ml.
    (Contenido: 40 ml | €9.75/ 100 ml)
  • Miniature Bath & Shower Gel Natural Edition
    La Chinata Bath & Shower Gel NE is designed for all types of skin, both sensitive and normal and is formulated based on components that soften and moisturize while cleaning the skin. In addition, it has a combination of surfactants derived from Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which clean skin without suffering any type of damage or irritation. The formula contains glycerin, olive extract, polyplant dermopurifier and concentrated thermal waters. On the one hand, glycerin is a natural moisturizer and the olive extract acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant, as well as purifying, antiseptic and antimicrobial. Polyplant, on the other hand, is a complex of natural extracts that contributes a purifying, astringent and antiseptic action. And in the same way, its concentrate in hot springs acts as a soothing and softening on the skin and is ideal for sensitive skin or with redness. It is recommended for all skin types and for a complete treatment with better results, it is recommended to apply after the shower La Chinata Body Milk Natural Edition. Content: 30 ml.
    (Contenido: 30 ml | €2.17/ 100 ml)
  • Miniature Shampoo Natural Edition
    La Chinata Miniature Shampoo Natural Edition is an ideal product to restore all the softness and vitality that is especially lacking for brittle and dull hair. This Natural Soft Shampoo contains surfactants derived from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which cleans the hair while it softens and moisturizes. Panthenol, for its part, gives back its natural shine and strengthens it thanks to the pro-vitamin B5, which retains moisture inside the hair avoiding its dryness and fragility. It also contains silica hydrolyzate and hydrokeratin, which facilitates combing and reduces frizz, also contributing a greater elasticity to the hair and preventing its breakage. Content: 30 ml.
    (Contenido: 30 ml | €2.17/ 100 ml)
  • Miniature Hair Conditioner Natural Edition
    La Chinata Miniature Hair Conditioner Natural Edition has a great moisturizing, restorative and regenerative capacity thanks to its content in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the minerals that contribute the hot springs, as well as the combination of wheat germ oil, panthenol and keratin , which nourish the hair intensely, giving it a natural sheen and extraordinary strength. For a complete treatment, apply Mild Shampoo Natural Edition. And in case of having very dry or damaged hair, it is recommended to apply at the end of the wash and rinse, with dry or slightly wet hair, a little of the Natural Hair Serum Repairer by the tips to improve the appearance of hair. Content: 30 ml.
    (Contenido: 30 ml | €2.17/ 100 ml)
  • Moisturizing Cherry Lip Gloss
    Moisturizing cherry lip gloss is a lip balm elaborated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cherry pit oil and argan oil, so it has great properties to moisturize, protect and repair lips from external damages and brings shine and brightness to lips. It’s perfect to use any time of the day and it is presented in a comfortable format for an easy application. However, thanks to its active ingredients, this balm has great features for complete skin care. On one hand, extra virgin olive oil is a natural moisturizer that repairs the barrier function of the skin. Furthermore, it acts as antioxidant and decreases the signs of aging. On the other hand, cherry pit oil is an anti-inflammatory that softens skin and acts as a healing agent. At the same time, it facilitates the cleaning of skin pores and eliminates dead cells. Argan oil, for its part, moisturizes and acts as antioxidant, besides it is regenerative. Vitamin E, is a powerful antioxidant that acts against free radical formation, delaying ageing and moisturizing skin.
    (Contenido: 10 ml | €19.50/ 100 ml)
  • Moisturizing Scrub Gel Cherry Stones & Sea Salt
    La Chinata moisturizing scrub gel cherry stones & sea salt is the perfect product to clean and protect skin, as it eliminates dead skin cells and favours hydration. This scrub gel is elaborated with a formula based on extra virgin olive oil, cherry and sea salt, which make it a very complete and nourishing product, thanks to the multitude of properties provided by each of them. On one hand, cherry has antioxidant and regenerative properties. On the other hand, the benefits of sea salt, with its capacity to absorb impurities and toxins to leave a completely clean skin. And finally, extra virgin olive oil provides hydration and nourishing to our skin. 250 ml.
    (Contenido: 250 ml | €3.56/ 100 ml)
  • Cherry Cleansing Foam
    La Chinata Cherry Cleansing Foam is a cleansing lotion with a pleasant and fresh texture that turns into a fine-textured creamy foam on contact with water. This facial care helps to remove make up and accumulated toxins during day and night. Its formula based on extra virgin olive oil, cherry extract, thermal water, glycerine, sage and thyme, adds great purifying and invigorating properties and it’s perfect for all kind of skins, even the most sensitive ones. Concentrated thermal water has calming properties and softens the skin. The glycerine, for its part, adds hydration thanks to its wetting agents. For its part, cherry extract adds revitalizing properties and olive leaf extract offers its antioxidant and photo-protector power, in addition, it acts as anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, purifier and antimicrobial. And finally, sage and thyme act as purifier and tone skin.
    (Contenido: 150 ml | €3.93/ 100 ml)
  • 4 Handcrafted Soaps Pack
    La Chinata 4 Handcrafted Soaps Pack has a selection of our great variety of handcrafted soaps, with a smaller size to be able to transport easily. In this pack you will find a combination of soaps with several properties that adapt to the different needs of our skin. On the one hand, it has Tonifying Grapefruit and Lemon Soap (orange colour) to repair, soften and tone the skin, giving back its elasticity. Also included is La Chinata Sage and Lemongrass Soap, recommended to repair and protect the skin, which offers antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, ideal for acne skin (green colour). For its part, Antioxidant Grape and Rosemary Soap (purple), is perfect to reduce the signs of aging and cellular oxidation of the skin, as well as to eliminate free radicals. And finally, Moisturizing Honey and Shea Butter Soap (honey colour), provides an extra hydration to your skin in a natural way and protects it from external aggressions. Content: 4 x 40 grams.
    (Contenido: 160 g | €2.88/ 100 g)
  • Sage and Lemonade Soap
    La Chinata Sage and Lemonade Soap is recommended to repair, and protect the skin. It contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties thanks to its content in lemongrass and sage, leaving the skin cleaner, free of sebum, smoother and velvety. Its formula is based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which provides a deep hydration and nourishes the skin, and on extract of lemonade, which exerts an antiseptic and antimicrobial action, as well as sage. It is an ideal soap to cure acne and give a special shine to the face. It is recommended to apply daily or several times a week with wet skin. Then rinse with plenty of water until remove all traces of the product. It is recommended to add to the cleaning routine our Antiox Regenerating Facial Serum . Content: 100 grams.
    (Contenido: 100 g | €3.90/ 100 g)