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  • Miracle Oil
    Our Miracle Oil “La Chinata” is a multi-elixir with a large percentage of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that deeply moisturizes and nourishes our skin as well as our face and hair. It is an oil for many uses that has got extraordinary moisturizing agents that soften and leave a shiny appearance, leaving no residue and with a quick absorption. It also offers firming and antioxidant properties due to its formula with Tepezcohuite and Sempervevum. It has multiple applications; On the one hand, we recommend adding a few drops of oil in the bath, or with your facial cream, both day and night and after sun exposure. You can also apply a drop mixed with make-up as it leaves a really natural effect. For hair care, you can apply a few drops of oil on your tips with wet hair and do not rinse. Similarly, as a mask, allowed to act for 10 minutes and then washed hair. Content: 100 ml.
    (Contenido: 100 ml | €13.50/ 100 ml)
  • Face Cream SPF-25 Sensitive Skin

    La Chinata Face Cream SPF-25 sensitive skin has a high moisturizing, nourishing and repairing power, which also protects against UVB / UVA radiation thanks to its SPF 25 sun protection factor. It is specially formulated for sensitive or irritated skin, with redness or dryness, including very sensitive skins as a result of chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, thanks to its content in repairing, anti-inflammatory and soothing assets, which help the face to regain its hydration, flexibility and adequate nutrition.

    Ingredients of natural origin It is formulated with our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which repairs the barrier function of the skin. It contains other active ingredients such as milk protein, which stimulates the immune system to protect the skin and vitamin F, which minimizes problems of dryness. We also incorporate two great moisturizing assets, shea butter and aloe vera.

    Content: 50 ml.

    (Contenido: 50 ml | €29.80/ 100 ml)
  • Gel Higienizante con Soporte de Pared
    Este gel hidroalcohólico es el perfecto higienizante de manos, es un producto diseñado para la limpieza e higienización profunda de las manos. Formulado con Extracto de Hoja de Olivo para aprovechar sus propiedades purificantes, antisépticas y microbianas. Con tan sólo aplicar unas gotitas sobre las manos y extender el producto frotando hasta su completo secado tendremos una limpieza instantánea sin necesidad de aclarar con agua. Además, deja una fragancia muy agradable. Contenido: 300 ml.
  • Hand Care Pack
    This set of two dispensers of liquid soap and hand lotion La Chinata Natural Edition Home is the perfect tandem to care for and protect our hands in their daily washing. In addition; with this set, we try to add hydration to the routine of washing our hands, because external factors such as wind, sun, humidity ... even the use of detergents, irritate the skin of the hands a lot and it is important to incorporate our hydration routine into our cleaning routine. With this set; the results will be clean, fresh and silky hands. This set comes in an elegant and comfortable metal stand and both products are easy to apply thanks to its dispenser. By depleting the product, you can purchase 500 ml refills for both, soap and moisturizing lotion, both formulated with organic EVOO. Content: 1 liter.
    (Contenido: 1000 ml | €1.80/ 100 ml)
  • Day Revitalizing Cream SPF15
    La Chinata Day Revitalizing Cream SPF15 is a beauty product that has a high content of organic extra virgin olive oil that, besides moisturizing and smoothing, protect us against oxidative process. It contains olive leaf extract, that works as an antiseptic and antimicrobial, that prevent your skin from spots and bacterial imperfections. Moreover, minerals contained in the concentrated thermal water have a smoothing and calming effect on your skin, consequently it is ideal for caring mature, sensitive and irritated skins. Content: 75 ml.
    (Contenido: 75 ml | €25.20/ 100 ml)
  • Face zone overnight renewal cream
    The Anti-aging Facial Cream of La Chinata, in addition to moisturizing and softening, has anti-aging active ingredients that will act during the night diminishing the lines of expression of our face and delaying their appearance, thanks to the perfect combination in its formula based on minerals and oligopeptides. This product has Olive Oil, which is a great moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging agent, which protects the skin against oxidative processes. In addition to the olive extract, which adds anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant qualities and acts as antiseptic and antimicrobial. Packaging: 75 ml.
    (Contenido: 75 ml | €26.53/ 100 ml)
  • Extra Smooth Facial Scrub
    One of the big beauty secrets to gain maximum benefit from moisturizing and nutritional actives of our facial creams, is based on something as simple as having a very clean skin. To this end, La Chinata extra smooth facial scrub cleans softly but in depth, eliminating impurities and dead cells thanks to the granule obtained from olive pits. Besides olive oil, contains antioxidants that help you to clean your facial skin wihout any damages. It is ideal for sensitive and reddened skins, beacuse it is elaborated with concentrated thermal water that produces a calming and softening action. Packaging: 70 ml.
    (Contenido: 70 ml | €17.00/ 100 ml)
  • Antiox Regenerating Facial Serum
    La Chinata Antiox Regenerating Facial Serum has a high concentration of antioxidant actives for the skin and thanks to its texture, soft and light of fast absorption, it penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, leaving a velvety appearance. Its content in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, argan oil, resveratrol and olive extract, make this facial serum a great ally against the aging of our skin. On the one hand, the EVOO acts as a natural moisturizer that repairs the barrier function of the skin, in addition to providing antioxidant and anti-aging effects. In the same way, argan oil regenerates, restructures and conditions the skin. And resveratrol, a great antioxidant, as well as olive leaf extract, which exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant, purifying, antiseptic and antimicrobial. In addition, its combination of essential oils exerts on the skin a soothing, relaxing and refreshing action. It is recommended to apply on clean skin at any time of day, both morning and night. It is ideal to apply before any treatment, as the serum opens the pores of the skin and penetrates very deeply, nourishing the deeper layers with its large concentrate of assets and leaving the skin ready for the treatment to be more effective. Content: 30 ml.
    (Contenido: 30 ml | €35.00/ 100 ml)
  • Anti-Pollution Serum
    La Chinata presents the Anti-pollution Serum, a shield against pollution and external aggressions to which our skin is exposed every day, bringing light to the face and avoiding the absorption of impurities. It is a product formulated with stem cells that come from the Himalayan red rice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cherry, which convert this serum into a multivitamin elixir with many properties to hydrate and reaffirm the skin, as well as to combat the skin aging. It is recommended to apply on clean skin at any time of the day and can be combined with a moisturizer to give greater elasticity to the skin. Content: 30 ml.
    (Contenido: 30 ml | €35.00/ 100 ml)
  • Natural Edition Intensive Regenerating Lotion
    Our Intensive Regenerating Lotion is a powerful softening cream because of its high content in Aloe Vera and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Apart from these two natural actives, it contains Beeswax, Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Millet Extract and Olive Leaf Extract. It is an antioxidant and regenerating lotion, ideal after a long exposure to the sun, laser hair removal, waxing, to prevent pregnancy effects or for any special dry or sensitive area. It could be useful to improve skin disorders like dermatitis or psoriasis. For the correct application, massage onto the areas that should be treated, until it is completely absorbed. Due to its formula it is the perfect lotion to treat disorders like skin irritations and redness. The texture is dense and creamy, the aroma is really nice. Content: 250ml.
    (Contenido: 250 ml | €5.80/ 100 ml)
  • Natural Hair Serum Repairer
    La Chinata Natural Hair Serum Repairer has ultra-hydrating properties that come from its formula based on extra virgin olive oil and from wheat germ oil. It has also been enriched with jojoba oil that gives brightness back to your hair, making it look soft and bright. It is also enhanced with the properties from Inchi nuts, a natural ingredient that protects cuticle and prevents hair to be dried and to get broken. With the Serum Repairer you will be able to visibly reduce split ends and dryness from the first day and you will realise how your hair get stronger and move freely. Besides that, it contains sun filters that protect from the harmful effects from the sun. A small quantity can be applied on dry or wet hair, spreading from halfway to the tip of the hair and practicing a gently massage over the hardest hit areas. To get better results, it is recommended to apply the full treatment using the Natural Edition Shampoo and Moisturizing Recovery Hair Mask or the Hair Conditioner Natural Edition. Content: 50ml.
    (Contenido: 50 ml | €21.80/ 100 ml)