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  • Day Revitalizing Cream SPF15
    La Chinata Day Revitalizing Cream SPF15 is a beauty product that has a high content of organic extra virgin olive oil that, besides moisturizing and smoothing, protect us against oxidative process. It contains olive leaf extract, that works as an antiseptic and antimicrobial, that prevent your skin from spots and bacterial imperfections. Moreover, minerals contained in the concentrated thermal water have a smoothing and calming effect on your skin, consequently it is ideal for caring mature, sensitive and irritated skins. Content: 75 ml.
    (Contenido: 75 ml | €25.20/ 100 ml)
  • Lip Balm SPF 8
    La Chinata Lip Balm SPF8 is ideal to protect lips against weather changes. Furthermore, as it is formulated with SPF8, protects agains UVA and UVB. It’s elaborated with beeswax, castor oil and vitamin E, with wetting, antioxidant and repairing properties. So, it brings moisturizing, nourishing and repair dry, sensitive and chapped lips. On the other hand, its high Extra Virgin Olive Oil content brings softness and bright. The olive leaf extract is a powerful antioxidant and photoprotector; it also exerts an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant. Thermal waters, for its part, adds calming and soften action on skin, so it’s perfect for sentive skins or with rednesses. It can be applied at any time of day on lips and contours. Content: 10 ml.
    (Contenido: 10 ml | €19.50/ 100 ml)
  • Anti Aging Hand Cream SPF 8
    Our Anti-Aging Hand Cream is formulated with Thermal Waters, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Leaf Extract, that will help to protect your skin from external factors. Moreover, it will mantain the internal structure of your dermis, regenerating you skin and restoring its firmness. In addition, it contains actives that will repair your skin and prevent all signs of aging. With its solar protection SPF 8 you will prevent solar radiations and avoid their adverse effects on your skin, keeping your skin youthful and without spots. Rose Hip Oil provides the rejuvenating action and reducts spots and wrinkles, while Keratin and Glycerin makes this cream moisturizing, nourishing and repairing. It is recommended for all types of skin. After its application, you will notice the difference very quick because of its rapid absorption. Content: 50 ml.
    (Contenido: 50 ml | €8.40/ 100 ml)