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  • Collection EVOO Case
    Collection Case presents three bottles of very special EVOO La Chinata, packaged in an elegant box. The first one, is a bottle of EVOO called En Rama, which is an unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The second is organic EVOO made from olives with ecological production certificate. And finally, Selection EVOO, made from the best hand-picked olives. Analyzing and choosing the olives according to their taste, texture, smell, color and temperature. All of them are Manzanilla Cacereña and come from the First Cold Extraction. Thanks to its elegant presentation in a box, it is perfect for gifts or for those who enjoy the most exquisite flavors. Content: - "Selection" Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml. - Early Harvest Unfiltered Evoo- Glass 500 ml. - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml.
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
    Is obtained from organic farming, authorized by C.R.A.Ex (Ecological Agri-Food Regulatory Council of Extremadura) and it has obtained the European Union´s Agriculture Seal. All bottles have a unique number in order to guarantee their traceability. Regarding its organoleptic characteristics, they are very similar to our 'Selection' and 'Rama' Extra Virgin Olives Oil. In addition, it is unfiltered, like our 'Rama' Evoo. Our careful production of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ensures respect for the environment, since only natural products are used in olive cultivation, and therefore, free of chemicals. Likewise, cold extraction of extra virgin olive oil, as well as the advanced techniques of production, make this Extra Virgin a healthy product, natural, with many beneficial properties for the health and respectful with the nature.
    (Contenido: 500 ml | €10.80/L)
  • "Selection" Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml
    “Selection” Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selection is a high quality EVOO made with a selection of the best olives of the Manzanilla Cacereña variety, hand-picked in the olive groves of the northern regions of Caceres and cold pressed in the 24 hours of its harvest. The region of Sierra de Gata is characterized by its microclimate, and the harvesting of olives begins in the first days of October and ends at the end of November. In this way, you get unique and incomparable oils, as much by its composition (its acidity is inferior to 0,3%) as by what can be appreciated by the senses. It has an intense flavour of fresh grass, and is also both sweet and fruity. In addition, it has a high nutritional and therapeutic value, since the Manzanilla Cacereña Olive contains more than 75% of oleic acid, percentage much superior to the one of other varieties. These characteristics remain unchanged for a long time so it has a great stability. Given its great taste as well as its therapeutic value, it is an ideal EVOO to use in raw (salads, vegetables, cooked fish, carpaccio, etc.).
    (Contenido: 500 ml | €9.20/L)
  • Early Harvest Unfiltered Evoo- Glass 500 ml
    La Chinata En Rama Evoo is an unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, extremely natural, result of the first cold pressure of selected olives and at their right point of maturation. It keeps all its properties intact and it is bottled as it is obtained from the oil press, so it is characterized by the opacity (a natural veil) that can produce a slight deposit at the bottom of the bottle, which does not alter the taste or other organoleptic qualities of the product. It possesses intact all its properties, vitamins and natural polyphenols. Therefore, we obtain a quality and of purity oil incomparable to any other. The essence of the fruit is maintained in this EVOO, the particles of the fruit pulp, the olive, still continue in suspension, giving it a more pure and fruity flavor. The slight deposit at the bottom of the bottle, formed by decanted particles of the olive, guarantees the character and the genius of La Chinata 'En Rama' Evoo. These virtues make it an ideal EVOO to use raw (salads, vegetables, cooked fish, carpaccio, roasts, etc.). La Chinata En Rama is presented in dark glass bottles to protect it from light, to improve conservation and to avoid loss of properties. Once the bottle is opened, we recommend consuming it as soon as possible, in order to fully appreciate its characteristics and avoid oxidation.
    (Contenido: 500 ml | €9.20/L)