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  • Goat Cheese & Caramelized Onion Cream with EVOO
    Our goat cheese & caramelized onion cream is a delicious and tasty gourmet product elaborated with first quality products and our best La Chinata extra virgin olive oil. The combination of the intense goat cheese with the sweet touch of caramelized onion will provide you a unique taste you will love. It is the perfect complement for grilled meats and ideal for creating new toasts as appetizers. You can use this spread as a dipping sauce with crudités (carrot, celery, tomato...) or with La Chinata crackers. It is an excellent choice in improvised dinners or snacking with your friends. You can combine it with the rest of our cheese creams, getting a wide range cheese board.
    (Contenido: 120 gr | €22.50/Kg)
  • Blue Cheese and Truffle Cream with EVOO
    Blue cheese and truffle cream is a delicious combination elaborated with extra virgin olive oil. It is an intense flavour due to blue cheese but truffle will give it its particular and sophisticated flavour. Ideal to accompany with crackers, grilled meats, elaborate sauces or the best pasta recipes. You can combine it with the rest of our cheese creams, getting a wide range cheese board, perfect for a dinner or snack with your guests.
    (Contenido: 120 gr | €22.50/Kg)
  • Sheep Cheese With Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Our sheep cheese with La Chinata EVOO, is a delicious blend of the best sheep cheese with our best extra virgin olive oil. It is a cheese with low water content which preserves its intense flavour, maintaining its density in your mouth.Moreover, it is very creamy and aromatic and it is characterized by it slightly salty, acid and buttery touch. You can combine it with our crackers and our La Chinata roasted peppers in syrup. You will enjoy it too with our red wine, you would love it!
    (Contenido: 116 gr | €48.28/Kg)