• Tapas Crackers "Picos"
    Our tapas crackers picos with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a gourmet bakery product ideal to accompany our great variety of pates, creamy cheese and even our vegetable creams. They are handcrafted with EVOO from our own harvest and high quality wheat flour. With a crunchy and very tasty texture, they are perfect for a multitude of dishes and very easy to preserve, so they are ideal to always have at home.
    (Contenido: 125 gr | €10.40/Kg)
  • Tapas Crackers "Regañás"
    Our tapas crackers Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil “La Chinata” is a gourmet bakery product with a very thin form. It is a bread cake, typical from several places, mainly in Andalusia. They are made with EVOO from our own harvest and It has a very similar texture to our “picos” and banked rings, very crispy and smooth. It is the ideal accompaniment for all our variety of pâtés, cheese creams and all our range of jams both vegetable and fruity or even for our prepared dishes of Asturian “Fabada” Bean Stew, Oxtail Stew « Córdoba Style » or Tripe Madrid Style with EVOO, as well as for Salads or sausages. It is very easy to preserve so they are perfect to always have at home.
    (Contenido: 125 gr | €10.40/Kg)
  • Rustic "Regañás" with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Our Rustic Regañás with EVOO “La Chinata” are crisp and fine bread cakes from our gourmet bakery range made with EVOO from our own harvest. They have a slight toasty taste plus a fresh touch of the EVOO. It is ideal for our great variety of meat and seafood pâtés as well as our range of cheese creams, our line of vegetable and fruit jams and the ideal accompaniment to our ready to eat dishes such as Vegetable Creams, “Fabada a la Asturiana”, “Rabo de Toro a la Cordobesa” and our “callos a la Madrileña”, as well as sausages and salads. They are very easy to preserve so they are perfect to always have at home.
    (Contenido: 150 gr | €13.33/Kg)
  • Rustic Picos with EVOO
    La chinata Rustic Picos with EVOO a gourmet product composed of high quality wheat and dressed with our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our own harvest. It is a crunchy and tasty bite with a light toasted aroma, ideal for combining with sausages and cheeses. We recommend them specially, with our meat and seafood pates, as well as with our wide variety of La Chinata cheese creams.
    (Contenido: 140 gr | €11.43/Kg)
  • Olive Green Leaves Pasta
    La Chinata Olive Green Leaves are inlcuded to the gourmet brochure of La Chinata. It is a pasta made from durum wheat semolina and spinach from organic farming and its production is subject to very strict quality controls. With this, you get a delicious pasta in the form of olive leaves, with the taste and quality of a gourmet product, which also guarantees a production that respects the environment, embodied with the European Union seal of ecological agriculture. It is an ideal pasta to combine with our La Chinata sauces, especially Pesto alla Genovese. We also recommend to use it in our pasta salad dishes with our variety of our Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vinegars.
    (Contenido: 500 gr | €7.00/Kg)
  • Macaroni with Olive Flour
    Organic Macaroni with Olive Seed Flour are our special gourmet and organic version of traditional pasta. Made with 95% of durum-wheat Semolina from organic origin and 5% of Olive Seed Flour, the result is a unique flavour and a great nutritional contribution from the best organic flour, to which we add all the properties of our La Chinata Olive Flour. It should be noted that in La Chinata, where we combine tradition with modernity, we are pioneers in the creation of Olive Flour, which we use to make these Organic Macaroni that also guarantee an environmentally-friendly production. This is reflected with the seal of organic farming by the European Union.
    (Contenido: 500 gr | €7.00/Kg)
  • Pergaminos de Pan con Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra
    El Pan Tostado con Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra es un bocado crujiente y sabroso popularmente conocido como Guttiau, originario de la isla de Cerdeña. Se elabora con la receta ancestral de los pastores basada en sémola de trigo duro, Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra y levadura. Para lograr su textura extrafina, la masa es cuidadosamente estirada y tostada a altas temperaturas hasta obtener unas láminas muy finas y crujientes.Es el acompañamiento perfecto para cualquier aperitivo como nuestra amplia variedad de patés, embutidos ibéricos de bellota o quesos entre otros.También recomendamos tomarlo junto con nuestros chocolates y cremas dulces
    (Contenido: 100 gr | €65.00/Kg)