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  • Oxtail Stew « Córdoba Style »
    La Chinata Oxtail Stew is one of the dishes the company launches to enjoy a traditional recipe without wearing an apron. It’s a delicious combination elaborated with first quality oxtail with La Chinata Red Wine, accompanied by vegetables, fresh spices and EVOO from our own harvest, all cooked with the most traditional way. The result is an exquisite gourmet dish that preserve all the aroma and taste; we recommend pairing with our La Chinata Red Wine.
    (Contenido: 380 gr | €26.05/Kg)
  • Tripe Madrid Style with EVOO
    La Chinata presents this delicious dish elaborated with the purest traditional recipe of Tripe Madrid Style with EVOO, cooked with a great selection of natural ingredients and the best EVOO from our own harvest. In this traditional stew from Spanish cuisine you will find first-class beef tripe together with a succulent combination of chorizo and Iberian ham, as well as lots of spices such as paprika, that brings those smoked hints so characteristic of this dish. The result is an exquisite gourmet dish you enjoy without spending hours in the kitchen and with the guarantee of using first quality products that preserve all the aroma and taste. In addition, we recommend pairing with our La Chinata Red Wine.
    (Contenido: 380 gr | €17.11/Kg)
  • Asturian “Fabada” Bean Stew
    La Chinata Asturian “Fabada” Bean Stew is an icon of Spanish cuisine and La Chinata has wanted to cook this dish with its more traditional stew. To that end, we have used the authentic Asturian beans and a combination of high quality chorizo and Iberian pork pancetta, together with black pudding and EVOO from our own harvest. The result is a delicious gourmet dish from the most popular gastronomic culture that preserves it authentic aroma and taste you could enjoy just heating a few minutes. We recommend pairing with our La Chinata Red Wine.
    (Contenido: 380 gr | €17.11/Kg)
  • Potatoes and Onion preparation for Spanish Omelette
    La Chinata Potatoes and onion preparation for Spanish Omelette is a delicious way to be able to enjoy this traditional receipt in just a few minutes. Besides, it presumes of being elaborated with high quality ingredients, such as, selection of potatoes and fresh onion. It is cooked with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) to a properly temperature to obtain the ideal texture of this Mediterranean classic. It is a very simple dish to prepare, as it only takes to whisk and mix eggs, then to warm a frying pan up and add a little of EVOO and finally the preparation. It will be ready in a few minutes. It can also be use used in the making of scramble eggs with our La Chinata Asparagus or with our EVOO mushrooms, accompanied with our regañás and bread sticks. And if you like sauces, it fits great with our garlic sauce (alioli) and our “salsa brava” hot sauce.
    (Contenido: 470 ml | €9.36/L)
  • "Piquillo” Peppers Stuffed with Iberian Ham with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    La Chinata “Piquillo” Peppers stuffed with Iberian Ham are a delicious combination ready to serve and made from top quality peppers. It is a very creamy product. Its intense and exquisite flavour, together with a special touch of Iberian Ham and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, makes it an exclusive gourmet product which is very soft and aromatic. It is recommended as an accompaniment to meals. Ideal for all types of game and red meat. Similarly, it is also indicated to consume directly with some bread. A gourmet product that will add a touch of personality to your recipes.
    (Contenido: 300 gr | €21.67/Kg)