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  • Piece of Acorn Fed Ibérico Presa
    La Chinata Acorn Fed Ibérico Presa comes from Iberian pigs reared and fed exclusively with acorns and natural herbs from the Dehesa Extremeña. It is the most marbled part of its intramuscular fat, it is in the best part of the loin, between the shoulder and the top loin, and it is very juicy, tender and tasty. These pigs presume to be reared in a free-grazing regime in the large areas of the Dehesa Extremeña, and feed on acorns from the time of the montanera. The Dehesa Extremeña produces a large number of high-quality acorns and thanks to its large areas of land, pigs can move freely and feed exceptionally in a climate that is perfect for their development. The result is an Acorn Fed Ibérico Presa with a creamy texture that has a bright reddish colour with burgundy tones and pearly white marbling. Its flavour is intense, juicy and balanced between the exquisite selection of meat and the aromas of Pimentón de la Vera and salt. This Acorn Fed Ibérico Presa naturally contains oleic acid, the same that is present in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which comes from the acorns that feed these specimens of Iberian pig. La Chinata Acorn Fed Ibérico Presa is packaged in one piece ready to be cut as desired. It is recommended to remove from the refrigerator at least one hour earlier so that the product is tempered and you can appreciate its aroma and flavour. It is an exquisite product that can be accompanied with a few drops of La Chinata EVOO, as well as with our Tapas Crackers "Regañás". In the same way, it pairs very well with our Wines and our Cava, as well as our Black Olive Flavoured Beer.
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