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  • Truffle Mayonnaise with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    La Chinata Truffle Mayonnaise is an ideal sauce to give a more sophisticated and tasty touch to your dishes. Made with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil emulsion and a selection of the better truffles, it has been created a soft mayonnaise, savoury and high quality, with an exquisite truffle flavoured. Its smooth and creamy texture makes it the ideal accompaniment to meats, fishes and vegetables, by enriching each of your recipe.
    (Contenido: 115 gr | €43.48/Kg)
  • Mustard With Black Olives
    La Chinata Mustard with black olives is a sauce with an intense flavour, with the traditional hot touch that characterizes mustard but combined with the aroma of black olives, creating an incomparable flavour that will enrich, doubtless, your dishes. It is elaborated with extra virgin olive oil and a selection of the best black olives. It is perfect to accompany meats, dress salads or give a more creamy texture to vegetables, sandwiches and gourmet snacks. It can be combined with La Chinata Ketchup to create a perfect pairing, healthy and delicious.
    (Contenido: 135 gr | €27.04/Kg)
  • Alioli with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    “La Chinata” Ali Oli sauce is a delicious combination of natural ingredients such as garlic, fresh lemon juice squeezed and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil “La Chinata”. The result is an original sauce with great tradition in Mediterranean cuisine with an intense and very creamy texture and flavour. It is ideal to accompany fish dishes, seafood, steaks, grilled vegetables, potatoes and paella
    (Contenido: 130 gr | €23.08/Kg)
  • Pesto alla Genovese
    La Chinata Pesto alla Genovese is a delicious sauce elaborated with the Italian traditional recipe and with the authentic Genovese basil, together with EVOO, pine nuts , cashew nuts, cheese, garlic and salt. The result is an exquisite combination and a very tasty sauce, perfect for any pasta dish and ideal for pairing with meat, fish or vegetables. It is a healthy option, thanks to its vegetable composition, nuts and EVOO. It is characterised by being a rich source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
    (Contenido: 180 gr | €20.56/Kg)
  • Red Pesto
    Red Pesto La Chinata is a tasty sauce made with a recipe in the purest Italian style with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh tomatoes and dried tomatoes, Grana Padano cheese, basil, pine nuts, garlic and chilli. Thus, we obtain a delicious sauce to combine with all kinds of pasta, for meat and vegetable dishes or for fillings of empanadas or empanadillas. It is a very healthy and nutritious option compared to other sauces, thanks to its composition based on vegetables, nuts and EVOO and it is characterized by being a great source of high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
    (Contenido: 180 gr | €20.56/Kg)
  • Truffle Carpaccio in EVOO
    La Chinata Truffle Carpaccio in EVOO is made with thin slices of truffle preserved in our best Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ready to consume. They have a really pleasant taste and aroma that give a sophisticated touch to your dishes. It’s a really appreciated product in Spanish gastronomy, and it’s the perfect seasoning to turn texture and taste to any meat elaborations, fish, salad or sautéed; as well as with pasta, fried eggs; or our preparation for omelettes, dressings or cheese recipes, etc. We recommend put it to conclude dish elaboration to perfume and decorate as it doesn’t need preparation and it’s ready to eat.
    (Contenido: 120 gr | €65.83/Kg)
  • Truffled Sauce
    Our Truffled sauce is a combination of creamy truffles, mushrooms and AOVE the Chinata that will give a gourmet touch to each of your dishes. With an intense, aromatic and very tasty flavour, the truffled sauce is ideal to surprise your guests especially in fresh pasta dishes, rice, premium meats like sirloin or any vegetables. Go for the sophisticated flavour of truffles and give an original and exquisite touch to your creations with this delicious sauce made of top quality ingredients.
    (Contenido: 140 gr | €75.00/Kg)